July 26, 2020 News

GIRR will now be accepting all commercial PPP (Printed Paper and Packaging) materials on Thursdays 10 – 12. We will only be accepting ICI (Industrial, Commercial, Institutional) materials during these times.

Any recycling brought to us by a business is considered ICI by the CRD.

We are accepting cardboard on a fee for service basis, and refundables (Beverage containers and bottles, tetra packs, wine in a box, etc.) for no charge should you wish to bring them to us. The cardboard fee will be $5 for half a mega bag or less, and $10 for more than half to a full mega bag. Breakdown and flatten all cardboard well before coming to the depot as it will have to fit into our mega bags.

Plastic packaging, overwrap, film, Stryofoam fees are $1.75 per bag (36 x 48) or portion thereof.

Glass, metal packaging fees are $2.50 per medium blue bin

Paper fees will be $2.50 per bin or $5 a bag.

Please insure all items are thoroughly cleaned and cardboard is dry.

We will continue to track the volume of all PPP materials for each individual ICI customer.

There will be one vehicle into the lot at a time for ICI and the gate will be closed early if we have a backlog.

GIRR will bill you for this service so please don’t bring cash.

We will be altering the fee structure as we go along once we can assess the fluctuating cost to us for each different material type at the drop off.

Thank you for respecting our challenges and being honest about your ICI materials.