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Meet your fellow islanders and greet your neighbours while helping create a cleaner, safer environment for the future of our beautiful island!

GIRR relies on our Volunteers to help keep our Depot and ReDirectory fully operational. They help us in areas that we cannot afford to staff, so we can continue to offer the variety of recycling programs that we do.

Our Volunteers are here to help residents and visitors navigate our busy operations site. They give advice on where to put their recyclables, lend a hand with their items, and generally help our community flow through the Depot or ReDirectory.

Our staff are often busy sorting your treasures and recyclables. Without volunteers, residents may feel lost or unsure of where to put their items. Their smiling, friendly, and helpful personalities help make GIRR a fun place to come, while making a noticable difference to our small island community.

Volunteers can support us in many different ways with a simple two-hour shift, whether it’s bi-weekly, monthly or occasionally throughout the year. There are books to be sorted, small maintenance and repair tasks, the native plant garden, special events, etc. The variations are almost endless!

Most of our Volunteer shifts are Fridays or Saturdays when our site is open. In the Depot, volunteers come from 11am - 1pm. In the ReDirectory, volunteers come for two different shifts: 10am - 12pm and 12pm - 2pm.

Here at GIRR, the donation of your time is worth its weight in gold!

So thank you for considering Volunteering for us and we hope to see you soon!

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