GIRR serves our community. Maintaining a vision of stewardship and responsibility for the materials we consume is our mandate and our passion. As we continue to build on the accomplishments of those before us, know that it’s because of you that we are able to help reduce the waste our ever growing island is creating.

Without your memberships and donations, we would be unable to provide the variety of services that we do to remove tonnes of materials from the island every year. Membership is a way of saying that you support and take an interest in responsibly dealing with waste on Galiano and indeed Mother Earth.

Membership also helps to give our voice strength as we wade through the trials of politics and recycling reform. The more members we have, the more likely our voice can be heard at the municipal and provincial levels.

Renew Your Membership Online

  • $15 Individual Memberships
  • $30 Annual Household Memberships


If you wish to have a membership and make a donation, please use the custom amount and let us know in the message section the breakdown.

A charitable tax receipt will be mailed to you for your membership renewal and/or donation.