The Galiano Island Recycling Resources Society is funded in a variety of ways.

  • Currently the CRD and Recycle BC fund our Residential Packaging and Paper Product Program (PPP/Blue Box).
  • Our “End of Life” Stewardship Programs are funded through your generous donations and memberships, with a small payment for materials from Encorp Pacific Canada and Product Care Association.
  • Your generous donations and memberships are also the sole funding source for our beloved ReDirectory and Used Books Program.
  • Our Refundable Materials Program is also an important funding source for us, so please keep bringing us your refundable beverage containers!




Recycle BC is a non-profit organization responsible for residential packaging and printed paper recycling throughout British Columbia. Recycle BC ensures packaging and printed paper is collected from households and recycling depots, sorted and recycled responsibly. The Recycle BC program is funded by over 1,200 businesses, like retailers, manufacturers and restaurants, that supply packaging and printed paper to BC residents, to shift recycling costs away from homeowners.