May 18, 2019 News

On May 5th GIRR held its annual Volunteer Dinner/AGM. This is always a fun and well attended event. It is a time when the Board and staff of GIRR get to know and honor our volunteers. The last few years Celeste Howell has been cooking up a fantastic meal for us, and this year was no different. What a feast we had! Once we were all well fed Ken Stauffer, GIRR’s Manager gave a speech for Charlene Dishaw, GIRR’s Volunteer Coordinator, in appreciation of our soup-er volunteers. Each volunteer was presented with a mason jar of dried soup mix… kinda cute!!

Following the dinner was our AGM. We had 30 folks stay for our meeting. The directors whose terms were up all stood for re-election and were acclaimed as current GIRR directors. Our full slate of directors is: Bonnie MacGillivray, Amos Hertzman, Erin Howell, Paula Uyenaka, Laurene Stefanyk, Shelley Okepnak, Linde Zingaro, Art Moses, and Nicole Mouner.

A big Thank You to our GIRR membership, our staff and our directors for their dedication to Reducing, Reusing and Recycling on Galiano.

– Bonnie MacGillivray, Chair