March 11, 2022 News

It’s all about masks this week!

We are happy to be introducing a new mask recycling program to GIRR. By bringing in your used disposable surgical masks, CAN95, CAN99 or KN95 or N95 respirators, we can divert these masks from the landfill and instead have them converted into construction materials, concrete reinforcement and textiles.

The program is offered through Vitacore, a BC company, and comes at a cost of approximately $.30 per mask. Collection boxes are at each sorting station at the depot as of today. Please consider donating when you drop off your  masks to support this important program.

And just in time for the great mask recycling reveal, the provincial mask mandate has been repealed by the BC health authority. With this announcement, effective March 11th, masks are now optional when outdoors on GIRR property. For the time being, we are maintaining a mask requirement for inside the ReDirectory.

This continues to be a challenging time for many in our community. Thank you for continuing to be kind to one another as we navigate through another change.