January 19, 2023 Events, Jobs, News

After launching our GIRR Repair Workshop series in 2022, we are happily making preparations to host more workshops. Our goal is to offer a theme specific repair session in the spring months of March, April and May, with more to follow in the fall.

At this time, we are seeking community members who are experienced repairers of things one might find around the house and yard: tools, bicycles, textiles, small appliances, and whatever else we can think of that would help keep items in use and out of the waste management system. Workshops generally run two to three hours with repairers being contracted per workshop. Repairers are compensated for their time and a small budget is in place for repair materials. Volunteers would be welcome to support the project as well.

If you’re a repairer (or a volunteer) and you have an idea for a workshop that you’d like to be involved with, please reach out to Renée at galianorecycles@gmail.com.

I look forward to hearing from you so the planning may continue!

In photo, from left: Linde, Lauren and Anna at our November 2022 Textiles Repair Workshop