December 18, 2021 News

We are happy to share with you that effective December 20th the collection of non-refundable glass bottles and jars will resume BC-wide.

When next coming into the recycling centre, you are welcome to bring in your glass for recycling. As we imagine that people will have accrued a small stockpile over these last weeks, please be patient with our staff as we manage what we anticipate will be higher than normal volumes of glass. If you have amassed a large amount, you may choose to bring it in smaller loads over your next few visits.

The collection of styrofoam packaging remains on hold for the time being. As soon as we receive word of that suspension being lifted, we will notify the community. In the  meantime, please continue to hold onto your styrofoam packaging for recycling at a later date.

Thank you once again for working with us during this time of flux.