July 28, 2022 Events, News

Is there something on your bike that you’ve been meaning to have looked at? Brake pads bare, a chain that needs lubing, or some strange noise you can’t identify? Bring it down to GIRR’s second instalment of our Repair Workshop Series: Bicycles!

What is a Repair Workshop Series? We invite a local repair person to set up a temporary workshop on a Saturday afternoon at GIRR, and we invite you to bring in items that need minor repairs. Onsite repairs are done by our expert at no charge to you!

What: GIRR Repair Workshop Series: Bicycles!

Where: GIRR, outside of the ReDirectory

When: Saturday August 6th, 12:00 to 2:30 pm. Bring your bike in need of a little TLC to our repairer outside of the ReDirectory. Repairs will be done while you wait, based on the time permitted.

Our goal with this Repair Workshop Series is to keep items in use and out of the heavily burdened waste management system before their time; and to get us all thinking about making wiser consumer choices. We’re very excited about this new program! Please come be a part of the repair series in its early days while we learn how we would like to shape future instalments to the series.

GIRR would like to extend thanks the CRD for their generous support of this series through their Rethink Waste Community Grant.