March 20, 2020 News

We Will Be CLOSED Until Further Notice

“Be it resolved that because of board concerns for our staff and the community following the COVID-19 outbreak in British Columbia for health reasons and because of direct contact with public in the close environment of the Depot that GIRR suspend operation of the Depot effective immediately. Be it also resolved that GIRR continue to pay staff their regular hourly payment per pay period until such time as alternate Federal funding becomes available. This is to be reviewed on a weekly basis for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic”

Approved motion from The GIRR Board of Directors Meeting March 19, 2020

The Board’s intent is to send out a strong message to the public “That it is not business as usual” (Dr. Bonnie Henry), and that we need to all do our part to flatten the curve!

While we are not an essential service, we know we are essential to you. We understand that recycling material here at GIRR is an important part of our community. Please don’t put these items in the garbage. Many of you have the capacity to store your recycling for a long period of time. We notice that some of you already do! Clean them. Hang on to them.

We also ask that you do not dump materials at the gate or depot. This creates a dangerous situation for our staff.

We continue to be in contact with the CRD and RecycleBC. We continue to exchange information with the other gulf island depots and our steward partners. We continue to seek ways to handle your materials in a way that is safe for us and safe for you when we do reopen.

The CRD has asked me to inform you that “Hartland is still open but are limiting access to two vehicles at a time. This will create very long lines at the site. Please stay away with non putrescible garbage. There are also some private depots still (for now) currently operating that can receive garbage and recycling but I would encourage calling ahead to be sure they remain open. Things are changing rapidly.”


Stay Put. Stay positive. Stay in touch with each other. Keep on loving and laughing your way through the day. Galiano is a strong community and we are proud to be a part of it

Ken Stauffer

Operations Manager