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Ken Stauffer
Operations Manager
As a resident of Galiano for many years, Ken has seen GIRR morph and change in the 11 years he has been involved – noting that it is an honor and a pleasure to serve the island community in the increasingly important world of reduce, reuse, recycle. Ken’s goal at GIRR is to bring clarity and order to the ever changing and sometimes confusing world of recycling.
Maryann Fitzgerald
Depot Coordinator
A long standing resident of Galiano, Maryann is here to answer all your recycling questions. Motivated to ease your way through the ever evolving world of recycling, she has created a well organised and friendly space for all to enjoy.
Maica Odriozola
ReDirectory Coordinator
Maica has been working with GIRR for the last five years. She believe in recycling and reducing as her contribution to take care of the earth.
John New
Recycling Assistant
Our veteran, long standing Recycling Assistant, John New is ever ready to meet and greet you. He's happy to assist in moving your heavier items and answer your questions.
Bonnie MacGillivray
Board Chair
Bonnie has been living on Galiano for 26 years – she admits that before coming to Galiano she had never recycled! On arrival it soon became clear that there was garbage – and there was recycling – and never the twain shall meet. Meeting Nadia at recycling in those early days, she was quickly schooled in the proper way to recycle: clean and separated! Bonnie joined the GIRR board eight years ago and was a Director for two terms. After taking a break, she returned to the board as Board Chair three years ago when there was a big turn over in Directors, most of whom had dedicated many years to the GIRR Board. She notes that it is a pleasure and a privilege to continue the vision a small group of folks had so long ago and that so many dedicated people have worked on since to ensure its sustained success.