This information should answer most of your questions. Should you need additional info, please contact us.

Q. Is non-packaging plastic (rigid plastic) recyclable?

A. Only garden pots. We are unable to recycle other non-packaging plastic at this time.

Q. Do you accept hazardous waste containers even if they're cleaned?

A. No, we are unable to take any hazardous waste containers or materials even if they’ve been cleaned.

Q. Do you take motor oil, or antifreeze?

A. No.

Q. Do you accept my broken glass or ceramic dishware or pane glass?

A. Unfortunately we can only accept beverage and food packaging (jars) glass.

Q. What types of styrofoam other than food packaging do you take?

A. We take styrofoam packaging to protect electronics, small appliances etc. We do not take blue or pink board insulation, foam peanuts, packing chips or noodles, marine, furniture foam or squishy or flexible foam.

Q. Are my stand up food pouches, chip and snack bags, or cereal bags recyclable?

A.  Yes indeed. They are recyclable within our ‘Other Flexible Plastic Packaging’ category. Please bring in clean and dry. There is an exception to this: plastic-lined paper and paper-lined plastic are, unfortunately, not recyclable in BC.

Q. Do you accept insulation or other building materials and their plastic packaging?

A. No.

Q. Do you accept Kleenex or paper towels?

A. No, these materials are not recyclable.