January 6, 2022 News

In response to the guidance of the BC Health Authority and in an effort to keep our community members safe, we will be returning to some of our earlier pandemic measures at GIRR. The following protocols will be in effect Friday January 7th until further notice.

A maximum of one vehicle at a time will be permitted in each of our two sorting stations. As this may result in longer waits than we have been seeing in recent months, we will be issuing a 10 minute time limit to each household to do their recycling. We have found that if people come in with their recycling pre-sorted according to our collection bins, the time required to complete your recycling is much reduced. Please come prepared.

We are also inviting people to return to the practice of pre-sorting their recycling materials into clear-plastic bags which may be dropped into the large green bin in front of the sorting stations. Before leaving your bags in the bin, please check in with one of our staff members so we can make a quick visual inspection of the materials. Glass is not accepted by this means due to the risk of breakage.

The ReDirectory remains open with only two people permitted inside at a time. Time limits will be in place there as well.

As has been GIRR’s mandate for some time, we continue to require that masks be worn by anyone visiting the GIRR property. Please respect this policy and be kind to our staff members who will be reminding you of it should you forget. Masks are available at the depot and the ReDirectory should you require them.

Please maintain a distance of 2 meters apart from staff and others. For many of us, this is the hardest one of all! But in the interest of the safety of one another and our community, let’s do our part. And of course, if feeling unwell, please stay home.

Thank you for all of your efforts, and for all the kindnesses shared. Take care and be well!