June 25, 2020 News

The Recycling Depot is open Friday and Saturday 9:30 – 2:30 for residents and homeowners only.

Commercial recycling is  Thursdays 10:00 – 12:00 (please see ICI news post for details) and the Redirectory remains Closed.

Masks are now Mandatory.

As we continue to move through BC’s restart and loosening of restrictions, our activities at the depot will be fine tuned and tinkered with to create a more efficient recycling experience for you. We have already made big strides! With the summer months upon us, we have moved some materials outside the building to create a safer space for you and our staff. All the materials we receive must age 4 days for safety before handling by staff, and we have limited storage capacity. Our reality is that safely handling and moving materials will look much like it does now at our depot for many months to come. Regardless of which stage we are at provincially. Until there is new information, a vaccine, and the personal distancing restrictions are permanently lifted, be prepared for this to be your new recycling experience.

We are now allowing 2 vehicles at a time into the parking area.  Please maintain distancing requirements when recycling outside, and don’t enter the building until you are directed to do so. Our average wait times are now down to about 30 – 40 minutes. The gate will be closed when we have a backlog of cars that will take us to 2:30 to service.

We are still encouraging a maximum 10-minute time for recycling with some allowances for those with mobility issues. The average time when pre-sorted is about 4 minutes, so Pre-sort, Pre-sort, Pre-sort!

Pre-sorting will ensure you take the least amount of time in the depot and won’t have to take some of your recycling back home if you exceed the time limit.

Follow direction from staff and be kind to them and each other. We are doing our best to safely service your needs.

For your safety and theirs, staff will be unable to take items from you or assist you in your recycling. We will not be accepting lightbulbs, scrap metal, large appliances, and heavy/larger electronics, such as TV’s, for the time being.

You must METICULOUSLY CLEAN and PRE-SORT (have I said pre-sort enough?) all materials. To maximize time, you may pre-sort refundables, Styrofoam packaging, and plastics in clear see-through bags which can be left without emptying if items are correctly grouped together. (Eg. One clear see-through bag for plastic containers, One clear see-through bag for plastic bags, One clear see-through bag for Styrofoam packaging, One clear see-through bag for cans alcohol, One clear see-through bag for cans non-alcohol, etc.) Please do not put any glass jars or bottles into bags.

Please clean meticulously and use these general guidelines for sorting

Cardboard and Paper (Placed in the proper megabags)

  • Flatten all cardboard before coming to depot
  • Separate paper from cardboard


Glass Containers and Beer/Wine Bottles (sorted by you into Blue Bins.)

  • Keep your glass together. NO broken glassware.


Plastics (These items will now be placed in separate plastic bags instead of blue bins when you arrive at the depot)

  • Plastic containers
  • Styrofoam packaging
  • Plastic bags and over wrap
  • Other flexible packaging. Crinkly, zip lock, stretch wrap, etc.


White Packaging Styrofoam

  • Broken into one-foot pieces and placed in plastic bags


Refundables (Sorted by you the regular way)

  • Cans alcohol
  • Cans non-alcohol
  • Plastic alcohol/non-alcohol/ Tetra Packs/ Wine in a box, etc.

We will continue to adjust and alter our systems as we find out what safely works and what doesn’t so please bear with us. The Covid landscape in the recycling world remains an ever-evolving challenge as we learn to deal safely with your used and possibly contaminated materials. Things will change quickly. Stay up to date by continuing to check our website(galianorecycles.ca), facebook posts, and message boards on Island.