August 31, 2023 Events, News

We’re throwing a Back-to-School Clothing Swap with Repairs and a side of Hand Mending Demonstrations! This all-ages event is for kids, parents, and all community members. Your attendance as a volunteer is most welcome too!

For the swap, bring a maximum of 10 articles per person of freshly laundered lightly worn clothing to trade. Our aim is to get folks & families ready for cooler weather, so bring seasonally appropriate wares please! We’ll be ready to welcome you and your offerings at the Galiano Island South Community Hall on Saturday, September 9th at 10:00 am. Come prepared to share what you bring and find new treasures to take home. At 1:00 pm we’ll be packing it all up to take the remaining items for donation to a local thrift store.

On repairs this time around, Anna Keefer will come with patches, needles & thread to give hand mending instruction. Lisa Simpson, our guest textile repairer & upcycler from Berlin, will join us for general repairs and updates after 10:30 am.

If the clothing swap isn’t your thing, you’re more than welcome to come by with items for repair and to learn a thing or two while you’re at it.

GIRR’s Repair Workshop Series is grateful for the support of the CRD’s Rethink Waste Community grant. We’re all working together to keep items in use and out of the waste management system before their time.